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Algorithm and Software Engineering
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Deputy spokesperson
Algorithm and Software Engineering
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Algorithm and Software Engineering

Complex software has become a critical component in almost any aspect of science and technology. At the heart of these software systems, nontrivial algorithms define a large part of the behavior of these systems. Hence, research in how to arrive at high quality algorithms and software systems is critical for scientific progress.

At KIT there are world-leading groups viewing this design process as an engineering discipline that particularly emphasizes the integration of theoretical research and application in practical systems. Success stories include revolutionizing route planning in transportation networks, hardware software codesign for record breaking communication speed  and principled tools for software analysis (JOANA, Palladio) and verification (KeY). Awards for topic researchers include the DFG Leibniz award, the Landesforschungspreis, Fellows of GI and ACM, and membership in the German Wissenschaftsrat.

Major Projects:

  • Helmholtz Programm Supercomputing and Big Data
  • Google Focussed Research Award: Next Generation Route Planning
  • SFB/TR 89 - Invasive Computing (InvasIC)
  • SPP 1736 - Algorithm for Big Data 
  • SPP 1593 -  Design For Future - Managed Software Evolution
  • SPP 1496 - Reliably Secure Software Systems