KIT Center Information ˑ Systems ˑ Technologies  (KCIST)

Electronic and photonic systems are the basis of modern communication technology and sensor technology. New components and technologies enable faster and better communication as well as more accurate sensing. At the same time, the costs and size of the systems are reduced as well as their energy consumption. KIT researchers are working on electronic and photonic technologies and components with a focus on the co-integration of electronics and photonics on one chip or in the same package. Furthermore, intensive research is conducted on methods for the realization of modern complex electronic and photonic systems and their applications.

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Second Level Research Topics
Technologies & Components:
  • Highly integrated circuits for modern communication and sensor systems
  • Electronic and photonic components for ultra-fast signal processing
  • Integration of photonics and electronics (packaging)
  • Printed and hybrid electronics: nano-enabled printed devices, Si / PE hybrid circuits and systems, flexible sensors, printed AVT for HF, THz and photonics
  • Energy efficiency of electro-optical interfaces and broadband systems
  • Multi- and many-core processor architectures, system-on-chip (SoC), network-on-chip (NoC) and reconfigurable systems
  • Design and modeling of new electronic components and technologies: Process Design Kits for thin film technologies, physical layout, SPICE, data-driven models and ML-learning models
  • Hardware software codesign, hardware synthesis methods and multi-domain modeling and simulation methods for processor and system architectures
  • Electronic design automation for advanced technologies in the nanoscale and for new technologies (spintronic, memristors, printed electronics, etc.)
  • Design for test, design for reliability and hardware / software system design with metrics for safety-critical applications in electronics and optics
  • Modeling, analysis and mitigation of technology-based reliability problems in nanotechnologies (e.g. electromigration, transistor aging, radiation-induced soft errors)
Systems and Applications:
  • Dynamically reconfigurable, adaptive and safety-critical systems
  • Hardware / software systems for high-throughput processing and real-time
  • Photonic and electronic systems for data transmission
  • Ultra-broadband photonic-electronic signal processing
  • Optical and electronic measurement technology and sensors (e.g. lidar, radar, particle detectors)