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Robots are true all-rounders: They explore foreign planets, play chess or football and help us humans in the household and at work.

In our Science Camp Robotik Online you have the possibility to work with the humanoid robot NAO from home.

You will learn what makes a humanoid robot and, alone or in a small group, you will control a NAO graphically from your computer and teach it new things.

Via livestream you can test your program on a real NAO robot in our institute and see how the robot follows your instructions. Let the NAO run, talk, dance and much more!

Each and every one of you can define your own research tasks. You can work individually or in groups. We support you via chat and video throughout the camp and are available daily from 9:00 to 15:00.
To keep the camp feeling, we want to start each day together with a "virtual" breakfast.

The Science Camp Robotics Online takes place from 07. to 11.09.2020 and from 26. to 30.10.2020.

It is organized in cooperation with the High Performance Humanoid Technologies Lab (H²T) at the Institute of Anthropomatics and Robotics, the ZML - Center for Technology-Assisted Learning and the Pupils Academy Karlsruhe.


Information on registration

Maximum number of participants: 16 young people
The offer is aimed at pupils in grades 8 - 11.
We are available daily from 9:00 to 15:00.
The participation is free of charge.
Previous knowledge is not required.
All you need is a computer with mouse, keyboard, Internet connection, headset/microphone and loudspeakers. Your PC should meet the following requirements:1.5 GHz CPU512 MB RAM OpenGL graphics card.

As operating system come
Linux (Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise) or later)
Windwos (Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 3, Microsoft Windows 7 and 8 or later)
Mac (Mac OS X version 10.7.1 Lion, Mac OS X version 10.8.3 Mountain Lion or later).


Science Camp Robotics Online from 07. to 11.09.2020:

Registration deadline: 30.08.2020

The registration is done online via the website of the Student Academy.


Science Camp Robotics Online from 26. to 30.10.2020:

Registration deadline: 14.09.2020

The registration is done online via the website of the Schülerakademie.