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Artificial Intelligence in Service Systems

Artificial Intelligence in Service Systems

20.30 SR 0.014


Wed 9:45 AM - 11:15 AM, weekly

start: 10/16/2019


Artificial Intelligence and the application of machine learning is becoming more and more popular to solve relevant business challenges. However, it is not only important to be familiar with precise algorithms, but rather a general understanding of the necessary steps with a holistic view—from real-world challenge to successful deployment of an AI. As part of this course, we teach the complete lifecycle of an AI project with a focus on supervised machine learning challenges. We do so by also teaching the use of Python and the required packages like scikit-learn and tensorflow with exemplary data. We then take this knowledge to the more complex case of service systems with different entities (e.g. companies) who interact with each other and show possibilities on how to derive holistic insights. Two possibilities to do so are the use of meta and transfer machine learning, where we teach insights in their theory, design and application.


Students of this course will be able to understand and implement the complete lifecycle of a typical Artificial Intelligence use case with supervised machine learning. Furthermore, they understand the importance and the means of applying AI and Machine Learning within service systems, which allows multiple, independent entities to collaborate and derive insights. Students will be proficient with typical Python code for AI challenges.