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Applied Informatics – Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Applied Informatics – Applications of Artificial Intelligence

10.21 Carl-Benz-Hörsaal


Fri 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM, weekly

start: 10/18/2019

The lecture provides insights into the fundamentals of artificial intelligence. Basic methods of artificial intelligence and their applications in industry are presented.

Applications of the AI is a sub-area of computer science dealing with the automation of intelligent behavior. In general, it is a question of mapping human intelligence. Methods of artificial intelligence are presented in various areas such as, for example, question answering systems, speech recognition and image recognition.

The lecture gives an introduction to the basic concepts of artificial intelligence. Essential theoretical foundations, methods and their applications are presented and explained.

This lecture aims to provide students with a basic knowledge and understanding of the structure, analysis and application of selected methods and technologies on artificial intelligence. The topics include, among others, knowledge modeling, machine learning, text mining, uninformed search, and intelligent agents.

Learning objectives:

The students

consider current research topics in the field of artificial intelligence and in particular learn about the topics of knowledge modeling, machine learning, text mining and uninformed search.

interdisciplinary thinking.

technological approaches to current problems.


The total workload for this course is approximately 135 hours

Time of presentness: 45 hours

Time of preperation and postprocessing: 60 hours

Exam and exam preperation: 30 hours