KSIST Training Program

KSIST training program encompasses a variety of different activities that range from lecture series, block courses, summer schools, internal workshops as well as short-term stays at foreign universities or at the premises of industrial partners. KSIST training program is very versatile and flexible, to allow an individual planning of curricula.

Each PhD student has to agree the own training path with his/her supervisor(s). The minimum requirement to complete the KSIST program and eventually receive the KSIST certificate is the participation to at least six courses (each having a minimum duration of six hours) within three years. The KSIST certificate is an official document signed by the school management, certifying the additional competences achieved.

It is strongly recommended that the attended courses cover all the following categories:

  • Specialized courses aiming at providing the doctoral researcher with the expertise required to quickly achieve a high level of specialization in the own research area and be at the forefront of research.
  • Interdisciplinary courses providing the doctoral students with a broader knowledge outside the own specific research area.
  • General courses for the acquisition of "soft skills" (e.g. social skills, language, presentation and management courses).

The courses need to have a minimum duration of six hours and the PhD student must provide the KSIST administration with a certificate of attendance.   

Networking is another relevant pillar of the KSIST training program. Additional activities, aiming at fostering networking among PhD students, will be supported and highly encouraged.

These activities include, but are not limited to, interdisciplinary study groups with the aim of writing a common paper, or self-organized summer schools, in which doctoral students teach each other different sort of skills (e.g. advanced programming in C++, use of specific software tools,...)